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Having read Darren Rowse' post about broken blog promotion strategies I felt like I urgently need a LIKE! button. I don't think I need to say more because to me it makes perfect sense. I read an article I love it, it helps, it's interesting, entertaining whatever, but I don't have anything to add. There's just a "Oh, that was a great post" and that's when I want to click the "like" button, the "thanks" button, the "appreciate" button. And don't tell you you wouldn't enjoy to see a 47 people liked this post next to the comment section. And if somebody want's to see who liked it and klick on their link to their post they don't have to feel like leeches.


If I disagree I can't just use a "No!" Button, I have to give a reason, ask a question or I have further ideas or suggestions, all good for the comment. But with the like button you could gather the quiet positive feedback. So please after having Addons for posting everywhere how about a nice and simple "like" button.

Or if you want it to be more sophisticated/ complicated connect it with bloglog or one of the connect comments and everything tools, I'm more than happy to promote your blog by saying in my "whatever" profile: Tine liked 52 posts on problogger for example and hey you can even click on them and see which ones I liked and which ones I commented on and what.

There will be people who abuse it for sure, but that unfortunately happens with everything anyway and we'll find a way to deal with it.

Well for the beginning just give me the like button. Pretty, pretty please!


I've already seen this, or something very similar on behance.net and I honestly love it!


Oh and if anybody is wondering why all of a sudden I write in English, it's because the post this is a reaction to was written in English, therfore I thought it would be impolite to react in a language they most likely can't understand and I don't want to rely on translation programs.

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    Ludwig (Montag, 25 Mai 2009 11:15)

    Für Wordpress-Blogs gibt es das (jetzt wohl auch funktionierend) als Plugin: http://blog.aakash.me/index.php/2009/04/i-likes-this-and-so-does-wordpress/